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Welcome Dog Events Enthusiasts!

Welcome to My Dog Events with Zee Marie, former Trial Secretary for AKC agility, obedience, rally trials, and NADAC agility trials. We provided event secretary services from December 2008 through March 2016.

If you are seeking agility trial secretary services, please contact me and I will make a recommendation.

The purpose of this website is changing and for which decisions about how to support the dog sports community as it relates to trial secretaries, exhibitors, clubs, and organizations is still being determined. With that said . . . 

About three years ago we began developing a sophisticated online Dog Events Planning and Management System that has many comprehensive and flexible features for managing the myriad of records associated with dog sports events. Our first focus was developing a database schema that can truly grow and morph to accomodate the complex relationships between dog, owner, exhibitor, club, organization, and event using some of the most advanced programming methods available today. Next has been an online entry ordering system that truly and elegantly presents the user interface with a focus on ease and simplicity for the exhibitor. Furthermore it manages the administrative complexities in a thoughtful manner and offers income-generating opportunities with the potential to cost nothing to the subscriber.

If you are interested in this investment opportunity to further develop this online system, and would like a demo of what we have developed to date, please contact us.

. . . WHAT'S NEW . . .

No items at this time. Check back soon!